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Connecting The Dots

Kristian Skarphagen

How To Train Team-Sport Athletes For Performance And Longevity

Connecting The Dots is an online course stacked with practical knowledge and tips that can easily be applied today, and will make you better as a sports performance professional working with team sports athletes.

About the course

This online course includes tons of practical knowledge and recommendations that easily can be applied today to help you grow as a coach. And more importantly – I want to trigger new a thought process that will help you as a professional and to create your own training philosophy with the end goal of training high-level athletes for both performance as well as longevity.

It will help you to a better understanding of the relationship between overuse injuries in team sports and what can be done to increase or reduce the risk of them. Fundamental to coaches of all team-sports.


Coaches, Therapists And Trainers Working With Team Sport Athletes

  • Coaches seeking to achieve a fundamental grasp of the essential components to train team-sport athletes for performance as well as longevity.
  •  For coaches who either currently working with or are aspiring to work with team sport athletes, with the main target to keep the athletes to perform at the highest level – and at the same time minimize the risk of injuries.
  • For Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Sports Performance Coaches, Physiotherapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers and everyone else either working with team sport athletes or got aspirations to do so.


High Performance Coach

Kristian Skarphagen

Here’s why I created Connecting The Dots

I’ve been working within the field of sports performance for eleven years, and been fortunate enough to work in the best sports academy in Sweden, as well as in pro hockey both in Russia (KHL) and North America (NHL).

I’ve met a lot of high level coaches and athletes – many very extraordinary and a few maybe not so great. The good thing is that we can learn from all of them.

A problem team sports are facing is the frequency of injuries. Even bigger problems arises when we fail at connecting the dots between injuries and what can be done do to either increase the injury frequency – or reduce the risk.

I hear the same struggles between younger and older coaches time and time again; “What would you do in this situation?” and “Why do you do this instead of that?” from younger coaches, while older coaches biggest excuse to keep progressing are variations of “I’ve always done it this way”.

I want you to learn from my successes and failures the same way I have. I simply figured out a method that works and want to share that with you. I have taken my knowledge and experience from around the world and put together the Connecting The Dots online course to share it with you to help you grow as a coach – and you get access to that experience in one click.

I’m here to help you – let’s get started!

Övrig information

Kursen är på engelska, både video och text.

Direkt då ni köpt kursen får ni tillgång till Onlinematerialet som ni tar del.

Kursen består av 10 kapitel och 25 avsnitt. Varje avsnitt består av en kort film och sammanfattande text samt reflektionsfrågor du funderar kring.

Kursen avslutas med ett teoretiskt prov som ni gör i vår utbildningsplattform och du erhåller ett kursintyg vid godkänt.

All material ingår i priset.

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